stage photograph of singing nun from sister act

Exclusive and unseen stage Photographs of Sister Act !

Exclusive and unseen stage Photographs of Sister Act !

Exclusive and unseen stage Photographs of Sister Act ! Don’t miss the opportunity to see these amazing performers in action!

I had the absolute pleasure of watching this amazing show of Sister Act performed by Ferryhill Stage Society at Mainsforth and Ferryhill Community Centre on Saturday.  I became aware of the show via a very good friend of mine who was appearing in the show as a hardened gangster! I couldn’t  resist the opportunity to see him sing and play the ‘bad guy’ in the show. More so as he is such a nice person! The photographer in me knew that this was an opportunity too good to resist, so I took my camera with me in the pursuit of behind the scenes and on stage photographs of Sister Act!

Behind the scenes and pre show photographs

Once I had shown my ticket to get into the show I had a quick look around the venue. What a fantastic place it is. It benefits from a reasonably large stage and a bar right next to it! You cant ask for better than that. To get pre show photographs of the actors I needed to find out where the dressing rooms were. No problems there as a temporary changing area had been set up next to the bar! My friend and stage gangster Paul Maddison introduced me to some of the other actors, a very friendly lot ! Keen to get some pre show photographs and asked if we could get some quick staged portraits. Everyone one was willing and looking the part, of either a Nun, Gangster, Priest or Policemen, not often you get the chance to photograph all of these in one place! 

Stage photographs

The actors were great at ‘getting into character’ and as a result we managed to get some great staged photographs ( available in a gallery below this text) before the actors had to leave for their final preparations.  I found my way to my seat and eagerly awaited the start of Sister Act! Those sitting next to me and around me were chatting and saying they were excited to be there. I decided it would also be a great chance to get some on stage photographs. We were told no flash was allowed but having covered many similar events I knew I wouldn’t need to use flash.  In not time at all Sister Act is in full swing and it truly is a visual feast for the eyes accompanied with brilliant Orchestral music and touching, dynamic singing performances. Credit to my friend Paul Maddison, not only he is a great singer, he played a gangster with great presence. I don’t know all of the actors’ names but I can say they really ‘owned’ their parts and the audience very quickly got drawn in to the atmosphere of the show. It was all ‘feel good’ stuff.   

After show party!

After the show I was able to show some of my stage photographs to the actors and got the chance to meet other members of the cast. A great privilege and a lot of fun! I wanted to get to know a little bit more about some of the people involved in the show so Paul agreed to help out. 

After show interviews!

Enid Gale, the Director explained:

“I have enjoyed a career in oratorio, theatre and stage direction for many years and have played over 70 roles as leading lady either as a member or guest for numerous musical companies. I have been directing musical theatre for over 20 years. 2004 was the last time I directed and performed for Ferryhill Stage Society and have been thrilled to be at the helm as stage director for Ferryhill Stage Society for their production of Sister Act.”

Clearly Enid’s passion for Theatre and stage is still strong! 

Paul also explained to me that himself, Guy Lawes and Steve Hill  were requested to help out with this production as we are active members of Durham Musical Theatre group. We were honoured to be asked to take part in Ferryhill Stage Society’s  production of Sister Act and were grateful to them and Enid for offering us the roles we undertook.

And finally a word from Elsie McGowan Ferryhill Stage Society’s Chairperson:

“The Society meets every Thursday and is about to begin working on a Revue which will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2018. I joined 26 years ago after seeing White Horse Inn and played my first lead, Fiona, in Brigadoon the year after joining. I am currently in my second stint as chairman and feel very proud of the great success we had with Sister Act.” 

If you would like to know more about Ferryhill Stage Society visit their facebook page here or use the link above. 

If you would like to know more about Durham Theatre Group you can find their website here.


Next show

Next Show at Ferryhill Stage Society is pantomime , it’s  Cinderella and dates are 14th, 15th (both dates 7pm) and 16th (matinee 2pm) December .

Continue below to see the stage photographs of Sister Act.

Thanks for reading my review of this fabulous show and hopefully it will encourage you to visit future shows! 

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