Dance shoot with Yasmeen Afzal-full day

Winter  Dance Shoot! 

How exciting and freezing,  a dance shoot in February by the beach! This series of images show a very dedicated dancer bracing the freezing cold on a blustery February Sunday. The location is Whitburn Beach, Sunderland, the results are of an all day photo shoot. The images here are are sample of those taken on the day. This shoot is a combination of dance photography, fashion photography and later in the day a powder shoot. The shoot lasts 7 hours and includes indoor and outdoor photography in the studio and on location. 

The dancer was able to change outfits in her car with relative ease while we were repositioning our lights for the next series of images. We started the shoot on the cliff top .

dance fashionshoot2
dance shoot
dance fashionshoot
dance shoot

Then we walked down to the beach itself to capture some striking jumps and beach shots right by the waters edge. 

dance shoot
dancer on beach

After packing away all our gear and Yasmeen getting the blood back through her veins we moved on to the studio with a different theme in mind. The next set of images show the beauty of the dancer and the pose, whether she is in a leg hold, in a sitting pose or other creative poses and jumps. The black background proved to be very effective to draw the viewer’s eye to the dancer. 

dance photo shoot

dancer reflection
reflection of dancer

Whilst Yasmeen was having a rest I noticed the possibility of a great shot and suggested several subtly movements to improve posture, the result was this beautiful shot of her in a sitting pose on the studio floor. 

dancer sitiing pose

Finally we ended the day with a Powder Shoot, which was a huge amount of fun and very messy! 


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