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Destination wedding, Pujols, South of France


At duophoto we have had the fun and pleasure of covering Wedding Photography for over 30 years! We say fun, because wedding photography always is fun, whatever the weather! The majority of our Wedding bookings now come from word of mouth, so we don’t attend many Wedding Fairs.

In our opinion the chemistry between photographer and Bride and Groom and their friends and family is so important ,if you want to get the best results. Our Wedding Photography style is relaxed, fun and informal. We take great pride in being part of your Wedding Day, having fun with you and encouraging your friends and family to have fun too. It’s a day to enjoy!

We offer 5 Wedding Collections and they are all named after beautiful cities: London, Paris, Venice, New York and Vegas! We have printed  and .pdf brochures and price lists available, to either post or email to you. We like to show printed images to our Wedding clients as we are so aware of the fact that in many years to come Brides and Grooms may have lost Cds/ USB sticks etc or they may just stop working and then your special day memories are lost forever. With printed images ( in an album for example) you will have a lifetime of memories.Just think about the couple who were given their wedding photographs 20 years ago on a floppy disk; what would they do with them now!

We are very proud to be partnered with Graphistudio of Italy. Their handmade albums and print quality are stunning. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to show them to you over a coffee.


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Is it a fairly traditional Wedding Venue with classic architecture and features (pillars, oil paintings, beautiful sweeping stairways); is your reception in a marquee in the countryside, your garden, or are you having a chic city wedding venue in a modern hotel?

When choosing your location also consider the style of wedding  photographs you are looking for. Are you looking for some classical images on the beautiful sweeping stairway, or something different? Or are you looking for modern, high-key, uncluttered, clean and bright wedding images with stunning, modern interior and exterior views in that inner-city hotel?

Each wedding venue will provide interesting opportunities so it is worth giving this some thought on your initial visit.

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Meet your Wedding photographer in person, or if it is a destination wedding, at least via Skype or FaceTime, it’s really important that you feel comfortable with them.

Decide what kind of wedding photography you want, Editorial Wedding photography, Vintage Wedding photography , fashion/ fun, there are plenty of options and it’s important to get it right as after the cake has been eaten, the Wedding Car returned, The Wedding Dress returned and the flowers have wilted, the one remaining thing that will stay with you and increase in emotional value is your Wedding Album.

Consider an engagement shoot, especially if either of you are a little apprehensive behind the camera. It will give a good idea on how we can work together on the today and it will put you at ease.

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  The Dress

Advice excerpt for

Wedding gown sizes typically run one or two sizes smaller than street clothes, so try not to get hung up on the number. “Do not fixate on the actual size but instead on how your measurements compare to the particular line on the specific designer’s size chart,” said Gesinee of Gesinee’s Bridal.

Planning on losing weight before the big day? “If I had a nickel for every person I have measured who said they were going to lose weight, I would be rich!” said Lash. Play it safe and order a size that fits your current body. Any dress can be taken in, typically up to four sizes without affecting the look of the dress, but most can only be let out one full size—if that. “You need to be realistic, in case you don’t lose your targeted weight,” says DeMarco.

What happens if your dress doesn’t fit when it comes in? First, don’t freak out and go on a crash diet. “There’s always something you can do,” said DeMarco. “You can order fabric from the designer, add beading, or even put in a new back to accommodate the measurements needed.”

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  Prewedding shoot

Some couples choose to have their photo-shoot at the place where their love story started, like a coffee shop or an old monument where they use to meet, or a garden or a place they love visiting. Pre wedding photographs are some of the best photographs you can get from your photographer because   you and your photographer have ample time to decide the shoot details.

Some couples just want photographs to put on social networking websites and others want a collection of photographs that tell a story to go into a guest/ signing book on their Wedding Day.

Discuss all this with your photographer; be open and comfortable with your photographer/s as they will be shooting you pre wedding and later your wedding photography, documenting the best days of your life.

The more you outline the type and style of Wedding Photographs you are looking for, the better your Wedding Photographer will understand and be able to provide you with the best possible Wedding Photographs that expresses both your personalities and your showcases your wonderful Wedding Day.