dancer in a fountain

Location dance shoot in Keel Square Sunderland

Outdoor Dance Shoot

I eagerly awaited this location dance shoot in Keel Square, Sunderland! As always with outdoor dance shoots you are so dependent on the weather and this was our second attempt!

The client, SK Dance in Sunderland commissioned  us for a dance water shoot with a difference! Using the beautiful water feature in Keel Square. The dance shoot had to take place at night so we could take advantage of the beautiful colours. It was a warm summer’s night in Sunderland but the water was cold! Our brave, talented and beautiful dancer Yasmeen Afzal happily braved the cold water … Taking photographs at night with illuminated water and using flash to arrest movement can be tricky. 

Taking the plunge!

So, we wanted to create some awesome dance photos of Yasmeen in the water. The water constantly changes colour and height so we had to wait for the right moments. We’d discussed some dance shoot ideas and had a few prepared dance poses with us. Focussing the camera at night through the water fountain was quite a challenge! Just when I had managed to lock on focus the fountain would stop! You certainly need a dancer or model who is patient and resilient to the cold! As well as SK Dance in Sunderland, we have had the pleasure of working with Watsons Academy of Dance in Hartlepool. You can read info and feedback on the shoot here.

Want you’re own location dance shoot?

If you’re interested in creating your own water dance shoot do some planning first as your model can quickly get cold even in summer months. This dance shoot took approximately 90 mins including setting up the lights. This is the first of several commissioned outdoor dance shoots we have over the summer. If you would like to have an amazing dance shoot experience with an award winning dance photographer then get in touch. We are on Facebook and Instagram . 


Update: See the Behind The Scenes video here: