swimming pool

Durham County Council Safer swimming Campaign

Keep yourself safe! Safer swimming campaign!  This image is part of a series of images taken to highlight the dangers of swimming in cold water during the hot summer months. As a preferred supplier for Durham County Council I was commissioned to take a series of images for their safer swimming campaign. This poster was shown to the school children who attended from various local primary schools. The school children were shown how to use various items to help pull their friends to the safety of the water’s edge. They were also instructed on the dangers of jumping into freezing cold water on a hot summer’s day. The venue in question is Stanhope open air swimming pool. 

Should you like to visit Stanhope open air pool for a swim a link to their page is here:


For further information on safer swimming you can refer to Durham County Council advice page here:


And for a more comprehensive list on swimming safely there is more information here and a swim safely video form Durham County Council: