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Destination Wedding Photography Spain

Destination Wedding Photography in Spain

I am very lucky in that I get to do destination wedding photography in Spain and France.  Irina and Joaquin were recommended to me by a previous client.

Prior to actually meeting them on the day, we had never met or spoken to each other before! I never actually worry about this, sometimes this can work out

really well as the chemistry develops and the Wedding Photographs turn out to be  amazing. 

The rain in Spain

As soon as I met Irina the the Hotel La Rueda link:

I knew we were going to get on well, she just seemed so open, warm and friendly. Things just got better and better… apart from the weather! It started

to rain almost as soon as we met! Having  worked as a Wedding photographer in the UK for many years, taking wedding photographs in the rain and

having a plan B and C is the norm, even  away from home. 

destination wedding photography
Destination Wedding Venue: Spanish Hotel La Rueda

After taking some wedding photographs of the Groom and his family in the Hotel we moved on to the Wedding Venue, a stunning location situated

near and including in the grounds a former bullring. The venue is called El Cortijo del Carmen and is also in Mora de Rubielos, a fascinating

Mediaeval town which is beautiful in it’s own right. 


Searching for the best light

Irina, the Bride-to-be was getting ready in a converted, old rustic house. It was amazing inside and I quickly scanned the room for the best

areas of light to work with. You can see some of the images in this gallery which is an exact copy of their wedding album. The light streaming

through the door windows was beautiful was beautiful but it was throwing heavy shadows however the bride was positioned so some light fill f

rom a strobe was required.

destination wedding photography

Arriving on a horse!

Time as always was at a premium, the Groom was on site at a separate location and I was told he we going to arrive on a horse, that is one of the reasons why I love

being a Wedding Photographer, they are never the same! I duly ran to where I needed to be and awaited his arrival.

He arrived on his horse, rode passed me, over to the stables where he dismounted and then got into a Horse and Carriage accompanied by his mother. 

destination wedding photography

Romantic ride around town

After the beautiful ceremony I accompanied the Bride and Groom in the Horse and Carriage and we rode around the town of Mora de Rubielos taking photographs,

I was on a high and loving every minute of it. Beautiful old town, old church, old castle, it was fantastic.

destination wedding photography

Beautiful Venue

We returned later to El Cortijo del Carmen for the Reception, food, dancing and free drinks at the bar.

Spanish Weddings are amazing and always a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy Irina and Joaquin’s wedding photographs, if you would like to see a copy of their beautiful,

red leather album in a black leather box, then visit our studio in Harvey Close, Washington, we will be happy to see you.

destination wedding photography