Candice Theasby-beauty and dance shots-must see!

photo of a dancer Candice Theasby beauty and dance shots-must see!

Head shots

Candice Theasby wanted to maximise our time on the dance photography shoot at Watson’s Academy of Dance in Hartlepool, Candice suggested taking a few headshots and portraits similar to what we had taken for Reece Woodier earlier in the day. I didn’t have the usual  light modifiers I prefer to use, just my strobe and basic reflector. 

Preparation and Equipment

As usual on many photographic assignments, you can’t bring everything with you, so you learn to adapt and make best use of the equipment you have to hand. Candice is against a black background and the camera settings are totally blocking out any ambient light, she is only lit by the strobe/s. 

Benefits of working with dedicated people

Candice is, as you can see, very beautiful but getting the lighting right is still crucial to a good looking image. The images here , do I feel, showcase her beauty, I am very pleased with them. Not only is she beautiful, she is an amazing dancer and as mentioned in a previous blog, very professional to work with. Nothing was too much trouble and she was always willing to keep going until we got the look we all wanted to achieve. This was my first encounter working with Candice and I am pleased to say another has been arranged, I’m really looking forward to it. 

Amazing dance skills

 Candice is studying at The Urdang Academy  in London. There can be no doubting her ability and this is one of the challenges I love most about dance photography. Trying to catch the right moment is not always easy, trying to catch the right moment with the ‘right light’ is even more challenging! I have found personally, that the more I understand about light, the more particular I become and the more I have to work to get the ‘look’ I want. I thought things were supposed to get easier!

Good location

Watson’s Academy of Dance , based in Hartlepool are situated in a magnificent old building offering many interesting dance photography opportunities, I can’t wait to go back . 

Candice Theasby